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Archive 2013

Champs médiatiques et frontières dans la « Grande Région » SaarLorLux et en Europe


First Mobility Phase

On the way to Canada
October 2013 - March 2014

Eckart Conze: Dynamiken der Sicherheit: Das Konzept der Versicherheitlichung in zeithistorischer Perspektive

Prof. Dr. Eckart Conze
10 December 2013
In December of 2013, Prof. Dr. Eckart Conze from the Philipps University of Marburg was in Trier to talk about: "Dynamiken der Sicherheit: Das Konzept der Versicherheitlichung in Zeithistorischer Perspektive" (10/Dec/2013, 6 pm, room P 3).

Andrew Irving: The Art of Turning Right and Left: Everyday (Ad)ventures in Contingency and Necessity

Dr. Andrew Irving
24 October 2013

The IRTG Diversity in the University of Trier's University Magazine

At the beginning of the German winter term 2013/14, the IRTG Diversity was featured on the U of Trier University Magazine's cover page. See here http://www.uni-trier.de/fileadmin/organisation/Presse/Unijournal/Ab_2010/Unijournal_3_2013.pdf, pps. 34ff., for the magazine's article introducing our research group to the public.

IRTG Diversity Summer School

IRTG Diversity Summer School Workshop
1-7 October 2013

Conference: Understanding Canada - The GKS' Young Scholars‘ Forum

The GKS' Nachwuchsforum Conference in Trier
Finja Desler
4-6 July 2013

Graeme Wynn: Understanding Canada as Transnational Space

5 July 2013
On invitation of the IRTG Diversity, Prof. Graeme Wynn (University of British Columbia) gave a lecture on the topic of "Understanding Canada as Transnational Space" on July 5, 2013. The talk took place at the Palais Walderdorff in the city centre of Trier and was open to both the university and the general public.

Kristyn Harman: Disciplining Aboriginal Populations through Transportation within the British Empire

5 July 2013
As part of Trier University's Centre for Postcolonial and Gender Studies conference on Critical Whiteness Studies, the IRTG Diversity hosted Kristyn Harman (University of Tasmania), who presented a talk on "Disciplining Aboriginal Populations through Transportation within the British Empire"

Conference: New Perspectives in a Postrace World? - Centrum für Postcolonial und Gender Studies (CePoG), U Trier

Critical Whiteness Studies - Programme I
4-6 July 2013

Canada Day

4 July 2013

Paul Morris: Canadian Paradigms for Mediating Difference

Paul Morris
4 July 2013
As part of the IRTG Diversity's and the Trier Center for Canadian Studies' Canada Day, the IRTG's visiting professor Paul Morris gave a lecture on "Canadian Paradigms for Mediating Difference: An Historical Overview"

Official Opening of the IRTG Diversity in Montreal

18 June 2013

Workshop: Good Scholarly Practice

10-14 June 2013
The IRTG Diversity's PhD programme includes workshops on various scholarly practices and research methods. In June of 2013, our doctoral candidates took part in a workshop on good scholarly practice.

Hartmut Lutz: "Mythbusters" and "Indianthusiasts": (De-)Constructing Transatlantic Others

Hartmut Lutz and Ursula Lehmkuhl
11 June 2013

Official Opening of the IRTG Diversity in Trier

Prof. Dan Diner
3 May 2013
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