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About the IRTG Diversity

Diversity is a central issue in current discussions about cultures and societies. Bringing together scholars and PhD students from Montréal, Saarbrücken, and Trier, our International Research Training Group pursues an innovative research program in the contested fields of diversity, multiculturalism, and transnationalism. We do so by examining paradigmatic changes and historical transformations in interpreting multicultural realities in North America (Québec and Canada in particular) and Europe (Germany and France in particular) since the 18th century. 
The IRTG Diversity is characterized by: 
  • Regular transatlantic exchanges between academics and doctoral candidates.
  • The exploration of diversity in all its complexities, taking into account the individual, societal, political, and communicative level.
  • Taking into account historical developments and path-dependencies shaping current developments and phenomena.

The IRTG Diversity is currently the academic home of 19 doctoral researchers. Research students, associated post-docs, established scholars, and administrative staff at all three institutions complete the IRTG's team.
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