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The IRTG Welcomes Michela Baldo

IRTG Visiting Scholar in June 2020
Michela Baldo is an honorary fellow in Translation Studies at the University of Hull and holds a PhD in Translation Studies from the University of Manchester. Her research revolves around two strands. One is the written and audio-visual translation into Italian of Italian-Canadian works. On the topic she has published various articles and authored a book, Italian-Canadian Narratives of Return: Analysing Cultural Translation in Diasporic Writing (2019). Her second strand of research concerns Italian queer drag performances and the role of translation in Italian queer transfeminist activism. On this topic she has published various articles and coedited a book, Il re Nudo. Per un archivio drag king in Italia (2014). She has also co-translated into English with Elena Basile the book Queer Theories, by Italian scholar Lorenzo Bernini, and is now coediting a special issue of TIS (Translation and Interpreting Studies) on translation and LGBTQ+ activism.

As part of the 2020 Spring Lecture Series, a series of transatlantic video conferences on Memories of Diversity - Diversity of Memory held from April 27 to June 29, Michael Baldo will give the presentation Queering Food. Home and Memory in Italian-Canadian Women's Writing.
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