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Study Program

Our 3 year doctoral program allows our graduate students to work within their respective academic disciplines, and it facilitates regular and numerous interdisciplinary exchanges. Students come together for winter and summer schools, attend research colloquia focusing on research methods and have dissertation workshops. In addition, there is a transatlantic lecture series and an international conference, and we also regularly invite internationally renowned researchers as guest professors. 

The IRTG’s qualification and supervision program promotes both disciplinary and interdisciplinary competencies. It creates new international contacts and networks. During the mobility periods participants acquire intercultural and methodological competencies that enhance their knowledge in the contested fields of ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’. This knowledge and the acquired inter-cultural competencies open up potential professional avenues not only within academia but also outside of it. The area studies approach and the focus on cross-cultural research caters to a highly dynamic international labor market. The IRTG addresses issues with which companies, city administrations, the media, various offices of the European Union and especially the Council of Europe, but also the army, museums, and schools have to deal with in an informed and educated way.

The qualification program is based on the following principles and measures:
  • Research orientation
  • Discipline-based interdisciplinarity
  • Transparency and comparability of the curriculum’s workload
  • An internationally oriented cooperative research environment
  • Language acquisition
  • Promotion of career opportunities
Study Program (klick for detailed view)
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