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International Partners

Internationales Graduiertenkolleg 'Entre Espacios' (FU Berlin)
The IRTG’s research program complements the research program of the IRTG "Entre Espacios" (Freie Universität Berlin, Colegio de Mexico).

Both programs are interested in area studies and cross-cultural research, and both programs are characterized by a perspective of "longue durée". Whereas "Entre Espacios" focuses on the transcultural, translocal, and transregional interactions “in between spaces” in Mexico in the context of globalization and with a conceptual focus on "space", "Diversity" takes cultural pluralism and diversity as a common characteristic of European and North American societies and asks how the representation of diversity shapes social practices, politics and media treatment and thus contributes to the creation of transcultural spaces through the mediation of difference in specific spatial constellations.

Both IRTG will cooperate on the theoretical and conceptual level, thus producing synergies between research in Latin American Studies and Canadian Studies. We will encourage students to organize two network meetings, one in Berlin and one in Trier.

See also https://www.lai.fu-berlin.de/forschung/entre-espacios/index.html  
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