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Richard Cassidy, PhD

Richard Cassidy, PhD

Academic Career

Current Activities

Post-Doc Project: Theorizing Readings for Treaty People: Public Education on the Margins of Academia

(Mentor: Gilles Dupuis)

Learning is a duty and better done together. Thus, in the wake of a group reading and discussion of TRC report in the fall of 2017, Jocelyn Parr (Dawson) and I have been facilitating a public education project through 4 seasons, whereby relative strangers and non-experts in the matter gather around readings of texts curated to document relations between Indigenous people and the settler-colonialism state, the better to decolonize ourselves first of all and the spaces we inhabit.
Having, in this way, begun the work of educating ourselves on a range of subjects, including pre-contact and early post-confederation treaty-making, the long and much-amended history of the Indian Act (1876), the texts and contexts of the Convention de la Baie-James et du Labrador (1975), and most recently the Supreme Court of Canada decision behind the ongoing conflict in Wet’suwet’en territories over pipelines, we put ourselves in a position to have a more productive conversation with the Indigenous writers, activists and elders who have been generous enough to accept our invitation to a public lecture.
While the ambition of the Readings for Treaty People (RTP) project is to grow and reproduce itself beyond the scope of our own little community, this Theorizing RTP project aims to develop the project’s pedagogical foundations, articulate the nature of the facilitating it requires, curate a broader range of such freely shareable curricula, and link up with similar activist communities.

Graduation / Academic Degrees

Ph.D in (Anglo)Québéc Literatures, Université de Montréal, Études anglaises
Thesis: « Bodies, Stories, Cities: Learning to Read and Write (in) Montreal with Gail Scott »

B.A. in English Literature and Philosophy, University of Ottawa

Current Position(s)

Corrector, Editor and Translator
Since 2017
Québec Ministry of Education, Montréal
Since 2016
The www.Redline-LigneRouge.ca collective, Montréal

Facilitator. Organizer
Since 2018
Readings for Treaty People, with Jocelyn Parr
Public education project intent upon the decolonizing of relations between Indigenous peoples and Canadian settlers. Co-presented by Atwater library and the MAI (Montréal, Arts Interculturelles), and funded in part by the Cole Foundation. www.readingsfortreatypeople.wordpress.com
depuis 2017
Public Reading, with Nika Khanjani
Part practice of meditation, part quiet resistance against consumer-driven distraction, and part flash-mob intervention
depuis 2009
MileEnd Littéraire
Literary walking tour series, combining the pleasures of poetry and the the politics of public space, produced for: Initiation to English Literary Studies (ANG 1100), U. Montréal (2017/2018), Montreal-Shift : youth skillshare, Montréal (2008)

Position(s) Held

Teacher of language, literacy, and literature
2017 - 2019
L’école Chez Pops – Dans la rue, Montréal
2017 - 2018
Université de Montréal – Student services
Collège Laflèche, Trois-Rivières, Québec
2014 - 2016
Seowon University – College of Education, South Korea
2013 - 2014
YeonSeong University, South Korea
2007 - 2010
Université de Montréal- Études anglaises
2007 - 2008
ReClaim Literacy Center, Montréal

2003 - 2005
EGSS (UdeM-English Graduate Students Society)
2005 - 2007
ACCUTE-GSC (Graduate Student Caucus)

CONFERENCE COMMITTEE co- President and Treasurer
Round Table on Graduate Student Professionalization, Saskatoon
National/National Crises: the shifting sands of the Literary, Montreal
Global Linkages: rethinking literature and violence, Montreal

Summer Skool, Centre des arts actuels, SKOL, Montral
2007 - 2008
Trans-Canada/Trans-Québec, U.Guelph/U.Montréal

List of Publications

Under Review
(co-authored with Daniel Bailey) “Online Peer Feedback Tasks: Training for Improved L2 Writing Proficiency, Anxiety Reduction, and Language Learning Strategies”.
(co-authored with Daniel Bailey) “L2 Students’ Perceptions and Practice of both Giving and Receiving Online Peer-Feedback”, Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning.
(co-authored with Hahn HyeRyeong/Sung Kisuh) “An Intensive and Communicative English Immersion Program: a Proposal”, in: The Journal of Educational Development 35-1 (December 2015). Educational Research Institute. SeoWon University: 45-70.