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Marie-Eve Beaulieu

Marie-Eve Beaulieu


Settler Shifts?
A Manitoba Public School’s Changing Perspectives on an Anishinaabe Community

(Supervisors: Stefan Köngeter, Trier / Till van Rahden, Montréal)

The past few years in Canada have been marked by numerous events to which Canadian Settlers were invited to reconsider their perspectives on, and practices with the Indigenous population. Public schools are one of the main institutions directly invited to reflect on and challenge their own colonial legacy and ongoing colonial structures and practices. This project aims at better understanding how a Manitoba public-school and its Settler educators, represent, reflect on, and practice their relationship to Indigeneity and to their Anishinaabe neighbors. It thus explores how Settlerness is constantly constructed, through reproduction and disruption, and how this takes shape in this public school, in the midst of the changing recognition of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. The case under investigation is a K-12 public school, half of whose student population lives on the nearby Anishinaabe First Nation Reserve. Interviews were conducted with educators from the school. Based on this material, a grounded theory was developed, using a constructivist approach. The results are then discussed against the background of both the inner logic of educators’ shared narratives, and of critical considerations, investigating structures of Settler dominations that were reproduced and disrupted in the school through changing practices.
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