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Caroline Bem, PhD

Caroline Bem, PhD
Current Position Postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Media Studies at the University of Turku, Finland
In my dissertation, I studied the ways in which the diptych—an ancient material, visual and narrative form—was able to endure over time by migrating from medium to medium. While my doctoral research was interested in tracing the tension between stability and change that underlies the patterns of exchange, translation, and migration that characterize the endurance of cultural forms, my postdoctoral research focuses on the ways in which intermedial studies have developed on both sides of the Atlantic, particularly in central hubs for media studies in Quebec and Germany. Here, I am especially interested in mapping how the intersection (or lack thereof) between different understandings of “mediality” depends upon inter- or transcultural exchanges that take place at multiple levels of academic investigation.

In parallel, I am also becoming growingly interested in thinking about how paying attention to forms—material, medial, narrative, but also social and political—offers new avenues for ethical thinking. In this context, for instance, the diptych is no longer simply understood as a vehicle for visual or narrative content, but becomes, instead, a useful tool that sheds new light on the ways in which social or political situations can be read, and thus affected.
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