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Dr. Sebastian Weier

Dr. Sebastian Weier
Taking Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis and Harold Adam Innis’ Staples Thesis as starting points, Dr. Sebastian Weier’s post-doctoral project retraces the function of frontiers and borders in the formation and consolidation of the United States and Canada qua the formation and consolidation of their territories and peoples between 1781 and 1890. In so doing, the project shows how borders and frontiers are constitutional not only of nation-states, but also of nation-based cultural, somatic and libidinal corpo-realities. The project insists that the formation of territories and bodies are inherently interwoven, thus making ‘the’ border a texture whose analysis, as Innis showed, necessarily requires a theorization of socio-economic structures, institutions and flows (or the Market). Drawing from Sandro Mezzadra’s proposal to approach borders not simply as objects of study, but also as method, the project enriches Turner’s and Innis’ analytical matrix in order to develop an appropriate methodology and theory for what the it theorizes as the pre-history of the North American post-nation. In order to do so, it further draws from history, literature and philosophy in a decolonial mode (Walter Mignolo; Aníbal Quijano) expanding beyond the fixation on “white” settlers and settler-colonial civilization to include the thought and culture of people constitutively erased from narratives of nations, territories, bodies and borders.

Academic Career

Graduation / Academic Degrees

Ph.D. American Studies, University of Bremen

Current Position(s)

Post-Doctoral Researcher, North American Literary and Culture Studies, Universität des Saarlandes
Center for Border Studies University of the Greater Region

Position(s) Held

14-22 May 2016
Teaching Faculty “Towards a non-Eurocentric Academia. Borderthinking and Decoloniality from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas.” Summer Institute at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, in cooperation with Duke University and University of Bremen
Doctoral Fellow, University of Bremen
Research Assistant, University of Bremen
2011-2012; 2014-2015
Research Assistant & Listserv Administrator, The Collegium for African American Research (CAAR)

Relevant (International) Research Experience

May 15-26 2015
Projectmanager “Borders, Borderthinking, Borderlands”, Summer Institute at the University of Bremen, in cooperation with Duke University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

International Conference Papers (Selection)

July 10 2016
“Europe; or: Crossing The Border That Therefore I Am. Impulses towards a Pluriversal Commons”
Crossing Borders Conference. University of the Aegean, Lesvos (Organizer of the panel “Borders making/limited by Bodies”).

May 18 2016
“Non-Eurocentric Academia: A Commons With A Protocol and No Signature”
Towards a non-Eurocentric Academia. Borderthinking and Decoloniality from Africa and Asia to Europe and the Americas. Summer Institute at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (in cooperation with Duke University and University of Bremen)

Apr. 15 2016
"’Refugee’ Crisis and Post-Nation Border Zones: Identifying New European Union Bio-Politics”
Biopolitical Dimensions of Literature Studies; Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University

June 29 2014
“On the Cinematic Abjection of Blackness: African American Presences in Japanese Movies”
Japanese Black Studies Association 60th Annual Conference: Revisiting Black Studies from Global Perspectives: Black History, Identities, Sexualities, Literature and Pop Culture. Kyoto/ Japan

Jan. 31 2014
"White Subject, Black Abject and Glitch: Interrogating the Potential Impact of Technological Change on the Constitution of Race”
British Sociological Association Race and Ethnicity Study Group: Contemporary Theories of Race, Racism and Ethnicity. Newman University, Birmingham/ England

Apr. 13 2013
"Politics of T/Race: Retrieving the Political Beyond the Reproduction of Race and Power within the Subject"
Biannual conference of the ‘Collegium for African American Research’, Atlanta/ U.S.A

Major Research Grants, Scholarships and Awards

Fulbright American Studies Institute, San Francisco State University
DAAD Summer School Funding (25.000 Euros), “Borders, Borderthinking, Borderlands”, Summer School at University of Bremen
Doctoral Network “Black and Postcolonial Studies Approaches in Cultural Studies” (1000 Euros), University of Bremen, Excellency Measure M8
Ph.D. Scholarship, University of Bremen
Travel Stipends to: Chapel Hill, North Carolina/USA (November 2012), Atlanta, Georgia/USA (April 2013), Kyoto, Japan (June 2014)

Memberships and other relevant Activities

Member of the German Association of American Studies (GAAS)
Member of the University of the Greater Region Border Studies Center

List of Publications

a) Publications in refereed journals and book publications
(upcoming) (co-edited Marc Woons) Border, Borderthinking, Borderlands: Developing a Critical Epistemology of Global Politics (Bristol: E-IR).
(upcoming) "The Black Prop: African American Presences in German and Japanese Movies after World War II“, in: Sakashita Fumiko/James Braxton Peterson (eds.), The Japanese Black Studies Association at 60 (Bethlehem: Lehigh UP).
“Disrupting Enslavist Suture: Black Film as a Cinema of Displeasure”, Black Studies Papers 2:1. [Web: http://elib.suub.uni-bremen.de/edocs/00105235-1.pdf]
Cyborg Black Studies: Tracing the Impact of Technological Change on the Constitution of Blackness (Bremen: Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen) [E-Book: http://nbn-resolving.de/urn:nbn:de:gbv:46-00104897-18]
"Consider Afro-Pessimism", Amerikastudien/American Studies 59:3, 419-433.

b) Other publications
Review of “Kristina Graaff: Street Literature: Black Popular Fiction in the Age of Mass Incarceration”, European Journal of American Studies, Reviews 2016-2, Document 6.
“#Baltimore Rising. Eine transnationale Perspektive auf den Zustand amerikanischen Zorns”, A+K Analyse und Kritik 605, 3.
“African Art as ‘Class Struggle’”, SAVVY. Art. Contemporary. African. No.3, 37-42.
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