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Ahmed Hamila

Ahmed Hamila


Sortir du placard, entrer en Europe : enquête au sein des autorités de l’asile en Belgique, France et Royaume-Uni

(Supervisor: Jane Jenson, Montréal)

Since the adoption of the Treaty of Amsterdam, the EU launched a process of harmonization of asylum policies among Member States through the enactment of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS). However, despite the CEAS, reception conditions for asylum seekers persecuted because of their sexual orientation, assessment procedures and the criteria for conferring refugee status differ considerably from one Member State to the other.

How do the EU Member States implement the CEAS?
Why, despite the CEAS, do the EU Member States implement the European asylum policies related to sexual orientation and gender identity in different ways?

Scholars use three main theories to explain the deficit of Europeanization: the “goodness of fit” theory, the “veto player” theory and the “worlds of compliance” theory. Yet very few studies have focused on the role of national administrations and their actors in these dynamics. This research claims to fill this gap. The hypothesis supported in this research is that the disparities among EU Members States regarding asylum practices are due to different refugee status determination regimes (RSD regimes) from one Member State to another. Each EU Member State has a specific RSD regime. The RSD regime depends on two elements: (1) the institutional organization of the national administration responsible for asylum and (2) the interaction between the actors and dynamics of power within the administration responsible for asylum.


Doctorant au département de science politique à l’Université de Montréal et à l’institut de sociologie de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles
Maîtrise en Science politique (Université de Montréal)
Licence bi-disciplinaire en Droit civil et Science politique (l’Université Lumière-Lyon II)


"Demandeurs d’asile: comment prouver son homosexualité?", Dire 3/26, 9.

Conference Presentations

Solidarity with SOGI Refugees: International Aid, Sexual Nationalism and Neocolonialism
Workshop "Transnational Solidarities and Global Queer Politics", Université Libre de Bruxelles, 04/12/2017.
L’octroi du statut de réfugié aux demandeurs d’asile LGBT: entre convergence européenne et divergences nationales
Maison française d’Oxford (MFO), University of Oxford, 21/11/2017.
Queer Refugees: The Implementation of the EU Asylum Policy
IRTG Diversity International Conference, Canada 150: Grappling with Diversity since 1867, Université de Montréal, 15-16/09/2017
Toward a Common European Asylum System? The Case of SOGI Asylum Seekers
Workshop “Intersections: Queer/Migration/Legality”, Saarland University. Saarbrücken, 18/06/2017.
LGBTI Asylum Seekers in Europe: The Role of Social Movements
Roundtable “Gender at the Border: The Refugee Crisis in Europe” – ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics (ECPG). 5th European Conference on Politics and Gender, Lausanne, 10/06/2017.
Persecutions Based on Sexual Orientation: A ‘New’ Ground to Grant Refugee Status in Belgium?
ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics (ECPG). 5th European Conference on Politics and Gender, Lausanne, 09/06/2017.
Demandeurs d’asile SOGI : une ‘nouvelle’ catégorie de demandeurs d’asile en Europe?
Structure de recherche interdisciplinaire sur le genre, l’égalité et la sexualité (STRIGES). 2nd Ph.D. Day, Bruxelles, 01/06/2017.
Portraying the ‘Refugee Crisis’ in the EU: A Comparative Media Analysis in France, Germany and the United Kingdom (with Audrey Gagnon)
European Union Sociological Association (EUSA). 15th Biennial Conference, Miami, 05/05/2017.
Spaces and Power: Migration and Homosexuality
Space, Mediation and Diversity Under the Global Condition, Collaborative Workshop (IRTG Diversity, Collaborative Research Centre (SFB 1199) “Processes of Spatialization Under the Global Condition”), Leipzig, 14-15/12/2016.
Persecutions Based on Sexual Orientation: a ‘New’ Ground to Grant Refugee Status. The Belgian Case
Political Sociology Research Network 32 of the European Sociological Association (ESA-RN 32), 4th Mid-term conference, Brussels, Belgium, 28-29/10/2016.
NGOisation of LGBT Activism and the Europeanisation Process: Comparison Between Belgium and France
European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), 10th General conference, Prague, Czech Republic, 07-10/09/2016.
Enquête au sein des réseaux de l'asile: une comparison entre la Belgique et la France
Annual Conference of the Société québécoise de Science politique: Voix/Voies politiques - Citoyenneté, représentation et transformation, Québec, Canada, 19-21/05/2016
The European Asylum Policy Related to SOGI: a Common System with Several Means of Implementation
Biannual Conference of the European Community Studies Association Canada: The European Union and North America: An Inevitable Partnership?, Halifax, Canada, 09-11/05/2016
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