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IRTG Diversity Success Stories: Svetlana Seibel Defends her Thesis

Svetlana Seibel after her defense
15 July 2016, Saarland University
On July 15, 2016, the IRTG Diversity's PhD researcher Svetlana Seibel defended her thesis on "'Personal Totems': The Poetics of the Popular in Contemporary Indigenous Popular Culture in North America" (Supervisors: Astrid Fellner, Saarland University / Robert Schwartzwald, Université de Montréal). On the German side of the IRTG, Svetlana Seibel is the second PhD reseacher to defend her thesis, and ...

'My Father Became My Father Again': National Allegory and Family Romance in Jean-Marc Vallée's C.R.A.Z.Y.

Robert Schwartzwald
18 July 2016, 4-6 p.m., Guest Lecture, Saarland U, Building C 5 3, room 408, Prof. Robert Schwartzwald (Université de Montréal)
Robert Schwartzwald's talk discusses the 2005 film by French-Canadian director Jean-Marc Vallee (best known for Dallas Buyers Club and Wild), about a young gay man named Zac growing up in the 1960s and '70s who struggles to find his sense of self amidst a "crazy" family of four brothers, a loving mother, and a macho father who seeks to cure him when the boy reveals that he prefers dolls to hockey, ...

Cartographies de la différence : Regards critiques sur les concepts

Appel à contributions - Sous la direction de Phillip Rousseau
ENGLISH VERSION FOLLOWS Ostracisée ou célébrée, réprimée ou embrassée, la différence fait indéniablement l’objet d’une attention à la fois intensifiée et constante au sein de notre contemporanéité. La percevoir, la nommer et la reconnaître sont des enjeux majeurs truffés, par le fait même, de nombreuses ambiguïtés qui ne cessent de se manifester à travers les débats sociaux à son sujet. Qu’on la ...

10. Frankoromanistentag in Saarbrücken / 10e congrès des francoromanistes, Sarrebruck

28 Sep. - 1 Oct. 2016, Château de Sarrebruck & Université de la Sarre
(Organisation: Prof. Dr. Claudia Polzin-Haumann / Hannah Steurer / Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christoph Vatter) Von den Webseiten der Veranstalter: Das Rahmenthema des 10. Frankoromanistentags "Grenzbeziehungen - Beziehungsgrenzen (Liaisons frontalières)" verweist auf das für den Kongressort Saarbrücken so wichtige Element der Grenze, die zum einen als Trennendes, Barriere oder Bruchlinie, zum anderen aber ...

IRTG Diversity Success Stories: Dave Poitras Defends his Thesis

Dave Poitras after his defense
1 July 2016, University of Trier
On July 1, 2016, the IRTG Diversity's PhD researcher Dave Poitras defended his thesis on "Nationhood at Work: An Ethnography of Workplaces in Montreal and Brussels" (Supervisors: Martin Endreß, University of Trier / Barbara Thériault, Université de Montréal). On the German side of the IRTG, Dave Poitras is the first PhD reseacher to defend his thesis, and the IRTG Diversity wholeheartedly congratulates ...

Spaces of Difference: Conflicts and Cohabitation

IRTG Diversity Publication Series: New Essay Collection
Spaces of Difference, the second volume in the IRTG Diversity's publication series, discusses the construction of transcultural spaces and the representation and negotiation of diversity through the analytical lenses of narratives, practices and politics of diversity. The multi-disciplinary contributions to this volume address four broader research fields: (1) the entangled and contested (hi)stories ...

Diversity – Diversité – Diversität

New IRTG Diversity Publication Series
The IRTG Diversity was established in April 2013 and its members have since cooperated in research on cultural and social diversity in Canada, Québec, and Europe. To document this research and to continue our exchanges with the broader academic public, we have now started a new publication series called “Diversity – Diversité – Diversität”. The first volume of the IRTG Diversity’s publication series, ...

Meet Us in Person: IRTG Video Clip

If we were to describe the IRTG Diversity in one word, which word would it be? And what makes the IRTG Diversity special? Find out in our new introductory video, produced in the summer of 2015. To learn more about the IRTG Diversity in general, see "About the IRTG" on the left-hand side, or go to the page "The IRTG Diversity at a Glance" at http://irtg-diversity.com/index.php?page=now-and-upcoming&article=94 ...

The IRTG Diversity at a Glance

IRTG Diversity Brochure Cover Page
Brochure about our Research Training Group
Whether you've known the IRTG Diversity for a while or whether you are visiting our web pages to find out more about us, you might be interested in the brochure we have recently put together to introduce the IRTG Diversity to the academic and the non-academic public. Click "Download File" below, for a pdf version of the brochure, or see the page "About the IRTG" on this site at: http://irtg-diversity.com/index.php?page=about-irtg ...
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