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University of Trier

At the University of Trier, the IRTG Diversity is connected to various other well-established interdisciplinary research centers and institutions: The interdisciplinary Center for European Studies directed by Joachim Schild brings together researchers and students interested in questions of European Integration. Its “Schriftenreihe”, its Working Papers on European Integration series, and its multidisciplinary course offers for its Certificate of European Studies document the great interest and the high profile of European Studies at the University of Trier. The Center for Canadian Studies was established in 1991 by the Wolfgang Klooß. The Center is responsible for nurturing the University’s partnerships with Canadian universities and annually hosts a visiting professor from Canada (Bruno Ramirez, history professor at Université de Montréal and IRTG PI in Montreal, benefitted from this program during his recent sabbatical.). The Center for Postcolonial and Gender Studies (CePoG) is a third institutional anchor of the IRTG at the University of Trier. CePoG’s director Andrea Geier supports the Research Program of the IRTG with her expertise in intercultural literature and narratives of cultural diversity. Finally, the IRTG profits from the research and networking activities of the Historical-Cultural Studies Research Center (HKFZ) established in 2005 as a forum for various cultural studies disciplines under the umbrella of a research program entitled “Knowledge Spaces” (Räume des Wissens - Orte, Ordnungen, Oszillationen). The HKFZ brings together doctoral and postdoctoral students working on topics related to the research program. In workshops and conferences younger scholars are offered the possibility to discuss their dissertations with renowned senior academics who are invited as guest speakers.