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Research, Conferences, Consultations

Summer and Fall, 2014
IRTG Diversity PhD Students in Winnipeg IRTG Diversity PhD Students in Winnipeg
  • Svetlana Seibel and Daniel Heath Justice
  • Sophie Schram in Quebec
Many of the IRTG Diversity's Doctoral Candidates are currently abroad to carry out their research, to present their findings at conferences, and to consult with other experts in the field of their studies. Here are some photographic impressions of their projects and travels, i.e. Christoph Laugs, Sarah Larsen-Vefring, Xymena Wieczorek, Rahab Njeri, and Dave Poitras in Winnipeg for the conference "Human Rights, Human Wrongs - Vulnerability in Comparative Perspective", Svetlana Seibel at UBC in Vancouver with Daniel Heath Justice, and Sophie Schram in the library of the Assemblée nationale du Québec.

See "People of the IRTG" and "Doctoral Candidates" for the CVs and research projects of our PhD students.