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Research at Home and Abroad

Spring and Summer, 2014
Svetlana Seibel in Montréal Svetlana Seibel in Montréal
  • Xymena Wieczorek during a break from her field work in Berlin
  • Doctoral researcher Bertrand Lavoie (Université de Montréal) during his research trip at the Oxford Faculty of Law, 2014.
The spring and summer of 2014 had many of the IRTG Diversity's PhD students working on their dissertations at our home universities in Montréal (Université de Montréal), Trier (Universität Trier), and Saarbrücken (Universität des Saarlandes). But quite a few of us were and are also busy taking part in conferences and doing research away from home and abroad. See the pictures for some impressions of our academic ventures.

Also, the Université Franco-Allemande (UFA-DFH - http://www.dfh-ufa.org/) has devoted a blog entry to our doctoral researcher Sophie Schram's experiences in Montréal. See http://ufadfh.blogspot.de/2014/08/ortswechsel-fordern-meine-kreativitat.html