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Andrew Irving: The Art of Turning Right and Left: Everyday (Ad)ventures in Contingency and Necessity

24 October 2013
Dr. Andrew Irving Dr. Andrew Irving
For the beginning of winter term classes in Germany, the IRTG Diversity's first winter term guest lecture at the University of Trier took place on 24 October 2013, 4 pm, in room DM 22/24. We were pleased to host Dr. Andrew Irving from the University of Manchester who was in Trier to talk about: "The Art of Turning Right and Left: Everyday (Ad)ventures in Contingency and Necessity".

Andrew Irving is one of the most outstanding representatives of an Anthropology of the Senses (or "Sensory Anthropology"), an anthropology that goes beyond text, in applying innovative visual methods to show how emotions and senses constitute people's lived experience of urban life and mediate social-cultural spaces, but at the same time remain hidden beneath the surface of public activities (see e.g. Cox, R; Irving, A and Wright, C. Beyond Text: Critical Practices and Sensory Anthropology. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2013).

Irving's talk explored experimental methods in anthropological studies, the concepts of space and place, urban life, diversity, the limits of science, contingency, action and mapping, and it was open to the university public.