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Canada 150: Grappling with Diversity since 1867

Mid-Term International Conference 2017: 15 – 16 September, 2017
Université de Montréal, Carrefour des arts et des sciences
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When: September 15 – 16, 2017
Where: at the Carrefour des arts et des sciences of Université de Montréal (Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, 3150 Jean-Brillant)
and at the McCord Museum (690, rue Sherbrooke Ouest)

Canada 150 : Aux prises avec la diversité depuis 1867
Canada 150: Aushandlungen von Diversität seit 1867
Canada 150: Grappling with Diversity since 1867
offers an exploration of the past, present, and coming milestones that shape the ongoing Canadian experience: from its colonial inception, with a special focus on the point of view of the First Nations, to the mediation, translation and interplay of the numerous experiences that perpetuate and renew it, to Canada’s place in both North America and the globalized world. The IRTG Diversity’s international conference not only aims at a better understanding of these milestones, but ensures a concrete enactment of one of the core enduring principles of our shared collective experiences: diversity. The scope is international, the outlook is interdisciplinary, and the objective is to provide a broad overview that maps Canada’s legacy both historically and today.

Reservations: elisabeth.tutschek@umontreal.ca

Free Admission

For more information, please go to our Conference website Mid-Term International Conference 2017!

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