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Selected Publications by IRTG Members 2021

Blattberg, Charles (2021): "Gaps: When Not Even Nothing Is There", in: Comparative Philosophy 12:1, Article 6.

Dembinska, Magdalena/Martin Deleixhe/Julien Danero Iglesias (eds.) (2021): Securitized Borderlands (Routledge).

Dupuis, Gilles (2021): Le Cycle des réincarnations. L’œuvre transmigrante de Ying Chen Bibliothèques francophones, 10 / Série Littérature québécoise, 2 (Paris: Classiques Garnier).

Dupuis, Gilles/Klaus-Dieter Ertler/Yvonne Völkl (2021): À la carte. Le roman québécois (2015-2020) (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang).

Fellner, Astrid M. (2021): “Queer Eye for Reel Latinx: Camp, Chic and Queer Familia in Ugly Betty and One Day at a Time”, in: Jump Cut 60. Special Section on Queer Television: From Fan Practices to Representation. Ed. Joëlle Rouleau, https://ejumpcut.org/currentissue/Fellner-LatinxCamp/index.html

Hertel, Ralf/Eva-Maria Windberger (eds.) (2021): Empowering Contemporary Fiction in English: The Impact of Empowerment in Literary Studies (Boston: Brill).

Hertel, Ralf/Eva-Maria Windberger (2021): "Empowering Contemporary Fiction”, in: Ralf Hertel/Eva-Maria Windberger (eds.), Empowering Contemporary Fiction (Boston: Brill).

Hertel, Ralf (2021): "Xiaolu Guo’s Empowering Fictions”, in: Ralf Hertel/Eva-Maria Windberger (eds.), Empowering Contemporary Fiction (Boston: Brill).

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Klaus, Peter (2021): "Résilience et résistance : un avenir autochtone pour la littérature québécoise?", in: Marc Quaghebeur (eds.), Résilience et modernité dans les Littératures francophones, tome 2 (Bruxelles: P.I.E. Peter Lang), 1139-1154.

Klaus, Peter (2021): "Une voix extrême-contemporaine de l’Ontario. 'Cherche Rouquine, coupe garçonne' de Daniel Poliquin", in: Gilles Dupuis/Klaus-Dieter Ertler (eds.), À la carte: le roman québécois 2015-2020 (Frankfurt: Peter Lang), 217-231.

Klooß, Wolfgang (2021): "The Canadian West in an Era of Crisis (1919-1935): Historical and Fictional Representations", in: Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien 41, 135-151.

Klooß, Wolfgang (2021): "Auf den Spuren des Goldrauschs: Eine literarische Reise an den Klondike", in: DKG Journal. Magazin der Deutsch-Kanadischen Gesellschaft 2021:1, 48-51.

Lüsebrink, Hans-Jürgen/Steen Bille Jorgensen (eds.) (2021): Cultural Transfer Reconsidered. Transnational Perspectives, Translation Processes, Scandinavian and Postcolonial Challenges. Approaches to Translation Studies vol. 47 (Leiden/Boston: Brill-Rodopi).

Lüsebrink, Hans-Jürgen (2021): "De la théorie de la réception littéraire à l’étude des transferts culturels. Ruptures et continuités", in: Carolin Fischer/Beatrice Nickel/Brunhilde Wehinger (eds.), Konzepte der Rezeption, Band 3. Rezeption und Kulturtransfer: Zur Interaktion literarischer Vermittlungsprozesse. Stauffenberg Kolloquium Band 73.3 (Tübingen: Stauffenberg), 17-29.

Lüsebrink, Hans-Jürgen (2021): “Intercultural communication and cultural transfers in the colonial context. The encounter between Pizarro and Atahualpa in 1532 and its discursive representations in early-modern culture”, in: Jangada (Sao Paulo) 1:17, 242-269, https://www.revistajangada.ufv.br/Jangada/issue/view/20

Lüsebrink, Hans-Jürgen (2021): “Migration et retour conflictuel au pays natal. Au grand soleil cachez vos filles d’Abla Farhoud”, in: Gilles Dupuis/Klaus-Dieter Ertler/Yvonne Völkl (eds.), A la carte. Le roman québécois (2015-2020) (Berlin: Peter Lang), 79-92.

Thiesen, Diana (2021): “Of Monkey Kings and Fox Ladies. Intersectionality, Empowerment, and Myth in Wayson Choy’s The Jade Peony”, in: Ralf Hertel/Eva-Maria Windberger (eds.), Empowering Contemporary Fiction in English. The Impact of Empowerment in Literary Studies (Bosten: Brill), 172-185.